Replacement for Simucube board

Hi guys at GD,

Any thoughts on a new DIY Control board coming to the market since SC1 Simucube board has been discontinued?

Thousands of guys with SC1 boards are at risk if there Simucube board fails.

We do have a healthy amount of stock for warranty and other replacement needs for several years.

DIY market is just so tiny right now that it is not profitable to be there at the moment. Also the global component supply and semiconductor situation right now is such that the pricing would need to be around 100 USD higher.

So if an old customer of mine or Tomo has an out of warranty board fail I can send them too you to purchase one?

We will handle those on case-by-case basis.

Edit: so far, we have gotten support cases and enqueries of out of warranty Simucube 1 units that are malfuntioning maybe once every two months. Of those, its usually a old firmware issue or some other fault, and not a Simucube fault. Maybe 50/50. This means that the failure rate is remaining very low.

Who should they contact for " case by case"
I am not trying to be a pain, just trying to get a clear answer. :slight_smile:

I contacted someone at GD sales and was told all of the SC1 boards are sold out. So I am a little confused.

Yep, one customer bought a large part of the remaining stock a few days after the EOL announcement.

Our support is the one handling all our support questions if reseller is not able to help.

Ok, thanks for the heads up. :wink: