Rennsport beta TD settings

Hi Anyone has a good TD settings for the Rennsport beta?

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Just few people got this beta, and as it is beta i dont think you will get settings

Download the Nicsos settings in true drive, they are quite good

If anyone wants to try I experimented with new settings,In my opinion they greatly improve the gaming experience


As it still is in closed alpha testing (or close to closed beta :nerd_face:), it doesn’t really make sense for us average GJ Joe’s to deal with these settings.

“Over the last few weeks and months, we have put a lot of energy in implementing the feedback we gathered from the pro sim-racers during the RENNSPORT Summit in May and the last weeks of the Closed Alpha testing phase. With the next step in our development process, we are now aiming to release the Closed Beta build of RENNSPORT. You can register from now on for the waitlist. All things you need to know are explained on this page.”