Renaming Multiple Gearbox + Broken steering base


I have noticed that some of our sims are connected to other sims in terms of the button boxes and flappy paddles,

Video Links

as all the names are random I can not clearly see which one is which, I want to rename each one to each sim so I can clearly check which model is connected to which sim,

Would you be able to advise best methods in checking each flappy paddle and how to rename each and connect them correctly.

One of our wheels have broken off, you can see from the video its the back of the button box, but do not know where to buy the replacement part needed to fix this, please could you advise

  1. Would you be able to advise and removing pedal noise from Fanatec V3 Pedals, I have tried spraying with silicone lubricant spray, but does not seem to fix, is there a specific area you guys spray to remove the noise.

Thank You

Disconnect all wheels. Then power on one wheel. Then click “Disconnect and forget” in the Simucube software, and power the wheel off. Repeat until it does not connect to any wheel base anymore, and then connect it to the wheel base you want it to connect to.

There is no other renaming possible.

Thats not our product, and I cannot identify that product. Maybe someone else can?

Maybe Fanatec forums has information about their pedal maintenance.