Reimer-Motorsport OSW not working

Hey guys,

so before I can sign up for the championship I need to make my OSW work.
I’ve got a Reimer-Motorsport V1 OSW, Argon based with the Lenze MCS12H15L motor.

Problem is I accidentaly deleted the Granity drc file and now my wheel is not working anymore, well atleast not how it should.

I tried running the stuff from this website
but it still doesn’t work with that.

Anyone here that maybe could help me out ?

I don’t believe any one of us in the company ever used a Reimer firmware or ever saw an unit in real life.

The DRC contains settings that are in the Argon servo drive, and by deleting a drc file, you are not deleting any settings as such. Are you saying that you accidentally reset all parameters?

Yeah I reset everything.