Réglage simucube 2 pro

J’ai vraiment aimé les réglages de Beano,j’aimerai savoir si c’est les même pour presque toutes les voitures ?je roule en formule 2.0 ,3.5,audi r8,m8,lmp3,je fait de l’ovale aussi

Hi Gerald,
My French is a bit rusty.

But anyway, I usually keep the same profile for all cars, I just tweak the torque slightly lower for the open-wheel cars, like the Indycar, or Lotus79, or anything else that doesn’t use power-steer.

But I seldom, if ever, touch the filters.


Pour ce qui est des filtres direct input tu met quoi?
Merci pour ta réponse

En dessous ont voit pas ce que tu met

I only use iRacing, for that sim, it doesn’t matter at all, as they are not used at all in iRacing. For other Sims, there are good threads here covering those settings for you, as each will require different settings based on the specific sim.

But if you do only iRacing, then don’t worry about it.

Edit: Those you are using above should be good to use, that is basically what I have after all this time as well. It depends if you want over-active response, then you can reduce damping and friction, for example, but I prefer more natural feel.


J’utilise que iracing
Super merci bien pour les réponses

All good then, Mate, you’re good to go :slight_smile:


Quand tu dit baissé le couplé pour voiture sans direction assistée, tu le fait sur tru drive?ou iracing via wheel force,ou max force?si tu peut m’envoyer une photo

I typically leave the torque in TD at 100%, and only adjust max-force in iRacing. But there are pros and cons. Probably better from health and safety perspective to adjust the torque in TD :wink:

Mais pourtant sur le screen de ton réglage beano cup,tu est à 65%(16,3nm)
Sur ton dernier message tu dit laisser généralement le couple TD à 100%
Je comprend plus trop du coup, lol suis un peu perdu,dsl

I am actually using a 60nm very special servo motor, connected to SC2 controller, for testing things for Granite Devices. So forget that setting of mine inside TD…you can set yours to a comfortable level!