Reduced Amp out of safe mode

Wondering why my large mige is now only going to 5 amps should be 30a at max of course? It’s not in safe mode either it’s under profile.

Did you recently update firmware?

Yes I did actually. Could I cleared a setting?

Some early firmware versions did not reset the full MMC value to the servo drive before firmware update. So, you will have to reset the maximum motor current value to like it was via Granity, or upload your DRC file again via the Motor, Encoder and center point wizard.

I figured that, I have the wizard opened now. Should I just download a drc file from somewhere?

Thanks for the quick reply too!

So just adjust continuous current limit in Granite to 30?

No, not the continuous current (MCC), but the maximum current (MMC).

Cool. Thanks Mika! Will give that a try. Now I’m getting an over current fault. I’ll play with now since I know its Granite

It cannot go to 30A, max is 25A POS and ~27NM on that servo.

Redindant to your question, but just a FIY in terms of actuals achievable, provided of course you are using an IONI HC Pro.

You can safely set MMC to 25.00 and MCC to something like 12.50 or such, perfromance will be as before.