Red led after updating to new simucube tuner 1.11.4 software

I already have a support ticket going on a random disconnecting issue on the gaspedal.

Now i got a new problem with the brake pedal after updating to the new tuner 1.11.4 software.

The led will blink red after starting the devices. The brake pedal is stuck and doesnt move into the full movement calibration.

Now i cannot use my brake pedal anymore, its death:(

I wll make a second support ticket for this new, bigger problem.

Guys i solved the red led issue.

When powered off, i pushed the brake pedal fully to the endstop, turned the pedal on and clicked the restart devices tab in the tuning software, now it moved/calibrated the pedal again and traveled the full range, giving met the green led.

For the random gaspedal disconnects i will test the new firmware and will report back asap