Really struggling to feel oversteer.....Newbie to DD:) rfactor 2

Hi everyone:)

Had my simucube Pro 2 for about a week now and it’s one hell of an upgrade from my Logitech:) I’m still learning how to use TD but I just can’t feel oversteer until its too late (yes I expect some jokes about my driving:)) Is there a particular setting I can change that will give me more of a sense of what the tyres are doing? I guess theres probably a few.

Also weight transfer, I don’t feel it under breaking etc, anything I can use to help?

Thanks for reading, hope you’re having a great Friday:)

which game ?,…

Sorry rfactor 2:)…

What is your settings in truedrive and in game ?

sorry first post!! School boy errors:) Can’t get a screen shot now as i’m not on that machine, but i’ve just been using the default profile, plus another one someone shared where basically every filter is on 0% except overall force set at 50% and a low damping. If memory serves me correct:)

Really appreciate you taking the time to reply!!! thank you:)