Really bad vibration sounds

Hi team, was hoping for some help, my sc2 sport has this crazy vibration sound sometimes, mad resonance sort of thing. it goes away and doesnt happen all the time, and it happens to every profile except for my ams2 profile.

can sopundone explain which slider it is to stop this noise?


We will have a new firmware out this weekend. It will cure some issues with DirectInput Damping effect, that may cause the wheel to vibrate. Can you turn down that effect slider in the software to see if it is really this issue or something else altogether?

Thanks Mika, but this is the noise im talking about

OK, that is not from any effect based noise.

This is due to the analog current measurements, torque controller, and your quite long shaft assembly + QR + wheel having a natural resonance frequency at some frequency the wheel base was not tuned/designed for. There are some vibrations caused by the motor bearings, and the analog current measurement from motor phases are also not noise free (there is no such thing as completely noise free analog to digital conversion). These all cause white noise to the torque command, and it appears that in your case it excites the system and the resonance starts.

We could tune out the torque controller to be less strict but it would be with the loss of FFB details.

Check that the resonance reduction checkbox is checked on the hardware settings tab.

Tighten all the bolts in your wheel and QR.

Remove the hub extension on the wheel to see if that has any effect.