Read-only safe profile

I have the new Version of TrueDrive 2021.1 with a SC Pro R2 on a dedicated simrig. I want to do everything on startup. Just one push and the pc is up and running. Steam starts with BigPicture mode, teamspeak is connectet and the correct channel joined, truedrive starts but then…

I get this read-only safe profile. I set my default profile to ACC but this don’t work like i thought. How do I have to setup truedrive that it always loads the ACC profile and I dont have to fiddle around with alt tab and set the correct profile again?

Is this affected by the time the SC is turned on, does it have to be already on before windows boots?

Thanks in advanced!

You select

  • the profile you want to run as default
  • click set as default -button
  • save settings button should start blinking, click it.

Perhaps you forgot to save the default profile setting?


Hope that was it. I you hear nothing more from me here, mark it as solved :smiley: