Raceroom issues with December 2020 update


I am only a few days in possession of a SC2 Pro Rev 2.
unfortunately I have two problems with the SC 2 Pro Base.
My main simulation is raceroom:
So I speak in the problems only in connection with this simualation.

1.) Online racing. Startup phase. When the clock has run down to zero, the steering wheel jerks 90 degrees to the right with full force. I hurt myself once quite a bit. This phenomenon happens almost all the time. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all.

But that is unfortunately the smaller problem.

2.) When leaving the game, it happens sporadically that the base starts to turn again with full force and then runs out. It wraps the usb cable around the axis. Until yesterday this went well. Then the usb jack got stuck and it pulled the usb cable out of my steering wheel a bit. Very annoying and I have meanwhile lost confidence in the base.
After that happens the Simucube works only after a restart again.

I first suspected that this is due to old control profiles in connection with my Simagic base. But I have now deleted everything and still have this problem.

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what settings are you using both ingame and in td? and what controller profile into r3e?

Controller Profile is simucube pro2 by alex

Starting Phase in R3E

This happens to me also but i have an early Pro 2 Rev 1. It also only happens in raceroom so try a different sim and it should not do it at all.

I need to find a fix for it also as now i have VR i cant see what position the wheel is in when the lights go out!

We will re-investigate this issue, as it seems that this has started to happen just recently where as it definitively was not happening before (at least for me.)

Thank you.
Maybe it is because of the December update. Since then, some things do not run completely smoothly.

Haven’t got round to trying this myself, but was Suggested by “SuperMonaco_GP”

edit this line into the .rcs file you are using :
FFB stationary friction=“0.5” // Amount of friction applied to the steering wheel when vehicle is stationary
I dropped it to 0.1, and solved the issue



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Unfortunately, that didn’t work either.

can you share the direct input values of the td profile? any chance you have friction at 100%?


I just tested rfactor 2 and ams 2. There were no problems. But I drive 95% only in Raceroom.Raceroom also crashes very often since the December update. Villeicht it is related to this. In any case, the problem must go away :slight_smile:

ok, I’m out of options then…sure you don’t have any config file from previous wheels on the pc?

I installed raceroom nine yesterday. But did not bring any change. My old Simagic had only one program which did not need to be installed and in other games the problem is not present.
I just tested Rfactor 2 and Assetto Corsa, Training and a Racestart. There is no problem at all.

Unfortunately I drive almost 100% in Raceroom, because I am active in a league there.

Almost 3 weeks ago there was a major update. Since then there are also increased me also with it crashes. Maybe it has something to do with it?

Just for the record, your title doesn’t reflect reality.

If wheel works in other sims, but not in this one, it is advisable to also notify game-devs to fix their code. Not sure why these things are always thrown back to dd wheel Devs, tbh. There is only so much they can do to prevent bad behaviour coming from games.

But I am sure Mika is checking anyway, but 99.9% problem is game-code matter. Even iRacing had weird behaviour almost similar some years ago, but David Tucker, ffb dev over there, got one OSW we as community donated to him around 2014 or 2015, since then, he has made very good improvements in general on ffb behaviour. Same time, Mika fine-tuned Simucube behaviour. An excellent example of a very pro-active game and dd wheel dev.

Just a general comment.



I updated the topic to reflect the subject better. I will be checking the RaceRoom behavior as soon as I can!


Thank you and I also gave my data of the sessions with the problems to sector 3.