Raceroom and Simucube 2



I’ll try to slowly add some slip effect in but I don’t think I’ll be able to go much higher than single digits.

For me, it feels like it’s trying to replicate the front tyres skipping over the tarmac but subjectively, all I feel in my hands is a very fake, high frequency vibration as soon as I turn the wheel off of center, even at speeds slow enough where the tyres would not be slipping.


After still having horrible FFB problems with the SC2 Pro in ACC today, I decided to try RRE instead.
That horrible wobble/vibration type effect when cornering was bloody terrible and really off putting, glad I foundout it was the slip effect doing it, THANKYOU.


I’m getting the stuck on ffb that puts wheel off centre to one side and pulls to that side, it happens after light a d heavy crashes and even when cars sideswipe me and only fix for it are for me to either then crash again, but on the opposite side of the car and it fixes it. Very odd.


Put collision effects to 0 in game ui, or “jolt magnitude=0” in the .rcs file.


hi mate, thanks for sharing your info…
anyway, i can fell a good experience with the formula 90 car…
i can’t fell the bumps in the track… or kerbs…
I have a simucube2 pro