Raceroom and Simucube 2



I’ll try to slowly add some slip effect in but I don’t think I’ll be able to go much higher than single digits.

For me, it feels like it’s trying to replicate the front tyres skipping over the tarmac but subjectively, all I feel in my hands is a very fake, high frequency vibration as soon as I turn the wheel off of center, even at speeds slow enough where the tyres would not be slipping.


After still having horrible FFB problems with the SC2 Pro in ACC today, I decided to try RRE instead.
That horrible wobble/vibration type effect when cornering was bloody terrible and really off putting, glad I foundout it was the slip effect doing it, THANKYOU.


I’m getting the stuck on ffb that puts wheel off centre to one side and pulls to that side, it happens after light a d heavy crashes and even when cars sideswipe me and only fix for it are for me to either then crash again, but on the opposite side of the car and it fixes it. Very odd.


Put collision effects to 0 in game ui, or “jolt magnitude=0” in the .rcs file.


hi mate, thanks for sharing your info…
anyway, i can fell a good experience with the formula 90 car…
i can’t fell the bumps in the track… or kerbs…
I have a simucube2 pro


hello thanks for a good start. If you have time and desire I would be happy if you test an Open Wheeler. I can’t cope with the steering settings. What would you change? In general I would like a little more feedback. What would you do there? But the start is good. I loaded the two files from above and then adjusted them as your pictures are. Unfortunately not all settings are in your pictures I would like to see more pictures to make sure that I have all settings from you.
Greetings and thanks

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Greetings, Stefan

I have tried out a formula car and made some slight FFB adjustments to suit my taste. Hopefully they will be helpful for you and give a baseline that you can work from.

Car Used: Formula X17
Circuit used: Silverstone GP

True Drive settings remain the same as before:

In game, FFB settings:

I tried playing with the “Slip Effect” setting but found that for the formaula car it didn’t make any difference in feel, whether it is at 0% or 100% which was strange as I can definitely notice it with the GT3 cars :thinking:

In game, advanced settings:

Per car, Steering settings:

Like many others, I find that that R3E doesn’t really give very much “Road Feel”, no matter how much I play around with the settings but I am no expert by any means, so if anybody would like to add some suggestions to make improvements I would be happy to listen to advice from the more skilful and experienced users :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope this helps and good luck!


many many thanks i will try this


so with the settings the RR90 V12 is already fun.


to see wheel range with DD

open file Steeringwheel.xml and modify…

<key type = “uint32”> 268169301 </ key> <! - MMos ForceFeedback 2014 ->
<vendorSpecificRangeLock type = “bool”> true </ vendorSpecificRangeLock>

<key type = “uint32”> 224007888 </ clé> <! - Simucube ->
<vendorSpecificRangeLock type = “bool”> true </ vendorSpecificRangeLock>


Thank you. I did wonder why the wheel range shows as N/A.

The in car wheel does seem to match up one to one with my wheel set at 540 but I was expecting that the formula car would actually have less rotation than that?


The are wrong for Simucube 2.


oups it’s for simucube 1


They are wrong for SC2, but it doesn’t matter much because it only shows the wheel range when you go into steering settings anyway. Auto rotation doesn’t work, but with seeing it in game, you can at least go and chance the True Drive software profile to match it. Driving a Formula Car with 540 rotation is just wrong :slight_smile:


Okay, how can we better set this for formula cars?


in this xml file I can’t find any SC2? Do you have any advice?


I have added this;

	<key type="uint32">224401104</key> <!-- Simucube -->
		<vendorSpecificRangeLock type="bool">true</vendorSpecificRangeLock>
		<minWheelRange type="uint32">90</minWheelRange>
		<maxWheelRange type="uint32">1080</maxWheelRange>
		<alwaysCreateEffects type="bool">true</alwaysCreateEffects>
		<supportsSpringEffect type="bool">false</supportsSpringEffect>
		<supportsDamperEffect type="bool">false</supportsDamperEffect>

Probably not 100% correct either, but it will show you the rotation when you go into steering settings inside car setup of the game.

The file to edit is;
D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\raceroom racing experience\Game\GameData\General\steering_wheels.xml
Of course that depends on where you have steam installed, but it should help you.
For the 90’s Formula cars I can’t remember exactly what the rotation is on top of my head, but it should be around 320-400 Degrees of rotation. My original simucube profile file in the original post contained a 540 and 450 profile, but I think even the 450 is a bit to much rotation for the Formula cars. If I remember correctly, the 90’s formulas, had a bit smaller rotation than the Fr2, FrX17 and so on, but I ended up driving them with the rotation set to the same as the Fr3,Fr2,FrX17.
If you edit the file and add the text I quoted above, you should get the rotation showed in game.

There is also a lot of tips to pick up in this thread, https://forum.sector3studios.com/index.php?threads/ffb-guide.55/ , but mind you that FFB is subjective, so there will be a big variation of what is better.


Thank you so much for making this works. And then always take what is displayed there ? With the RR90 it is 450


Yes, then you use a profile in True drive that has 450 degrees of rotation.


I’m in the Last 2-3 Weeks not more so Happy with the FFB an im not sure why.
Also i Testing with the 1.0.07 Software dont Know what he change but it is Diffrent to the 0.0.3

Ok…Loading the Raceroom Profiels from here an Testing than 2-3 Days and diffrent FFB setting and the Settings from Here i dont know what happend but everthing is Worst.
For a DD Wheel FFB have too close to the Real Driving, i want to now Were am i whit grip how tight im to the Slipping and how much i can slipping,that is for me the Point.

The Ini Files here a nice Work but i think she going in the wrong way maybe that is to much Simucube 1 and not Simucube 2 sorry i dont know-

Im not a 7.48 driver on the NOS but 7.55 i can whit my old Setting but whit this maybe 8.01min with AMG GT3.
And in the M235i 9.02min old with new 9.06min but the Driving him self with new Setting are more Luck the and FFB feeling is Bad.

Now im going back too the Old one with with out the InI. Files an i Hope on a Littel bit more Simucube TWO software came out.

Give a try here my Settings