Quick release stuck

I’ve have my SC2 Pro a couple of months, and have always had just the one wheel on it. I tried to remove it today to try a different wheel, and it seems fairly well stuck onto the wheel base. Any tips for getting the quick release to release? I tried a couple of gentle taps, which didn’t help, didn’t try any harder as not sure if that might potentially damage the wheel base. Yes, I pulled the pin out ;).

Try spray a tiny bit of WD40 and see if it helps. Spray from both directions. Let it work for an hour or so it really goes down between the halves. I THINK you could tap it carefully with the plastic handle of a screwdriver.

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Give the underside of the wheel a quick smack and it should pop off, no lubricants should be needed.

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It was jammed on pretty tight, the WD40 did the trick.