Quick Release stuck on my SC2 Sport

always only used 1 rim on my SC2 Sport and now bought a new rim but can’t seem to get the old rim off the QR. Already read in the other thread to use a bit of WD40 but it’s still not budging and I’m not sure what to do now.

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I’m not suggesting you don’t know but take a very good look at how you trying to remove it …I also struggled and eventually noticed I was trying remove it from the wrong side of the wedge

guessing you mean the red circle right?

Yeah, turn that so the 3 holes are facing up
Then push the wheel in the direction of the 3 holes.

Also, that’s a very nice setup you have there!

I tried pushing that way really hard and its not moving at all :frowning:

Be sure to apply equal pressure to both sides at the same time. Like you would hold a golf club - thumbs on top, fingers on bottom.

Just hit it with the rubber mallet.

still not moving. I’m feeling stupid rn :smiley:

I wonder if it would help, once you’ve removed the pin, to grip the wheel and just flex it a bit, then try removing it?

There is like no flex at all when i grip the wheel. Gonna take a video later of it

There usually isn’t, but I figured it might, on a very small level, jiggle the pieces and make it more likely that you’ll be able to remove it.

Took like 3 short videos of the rim not moving at all

Just tap/slap/punch the wheel vigorously in the correct direction

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Don’t bend it up and down like you do in the video. Looks like that puts a lot more force on the motor axis and the rig brackets than the quick release.

Try driving around at sebring without locking pin, that might loosen it from the vibrations. Put nice and strong FFB. Keep the e-stop button within reach just in case :wink:

If that doesn’t work I would -lightly- tap it with a nylon mallet. Just make sure you tap it in the correct spot, then it shouldn’t take much force.

Greasing it before putting it (back) on should be recommended. Olive oil or dry lube for chains (dust repellent, low viscosity). Don’t use WD40, thats a solvent and might damage plastic, rubber, aluminium on parts of your wheel.

In your first video, you’re doing it backwards,
you need to pull the WHEEL in the direction of the 3 screws

If you’re standing over the wheel, and the 3 screws are pointing up, then pull up on the wheel using your fingers on the bottom side, closer to you, near the wheel, while using your thumbs on the top side, farther from you, towards the motor.

Tried your sebring trick, 20 laps at full ffb and nothing except a nice workout.
Same with the nylon mallet. Not getting it off at all

you need to bump the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the qr wedge, not trying to remove it directly from the qr or flexing the whole wheel-qr.

Yea it’s the only negative about this quick release, I change wheels often and you have to really give the base of the wheel a big smack to separate it.

I’ve now switched to the xero play quick release and man is that thing nice and easy, split second to change rims from your seat…. Bloody expensive though