Quick release for SC2 motor

I notice my quick release for the SC2 motor has some wear (new from june).
I want to buy a spare one, just in case I need it one day, but I can’t find it in any store.
My both QR2 wheel side have some wear too but I can buy a new one easily.
Where can I buy a QR for the SC2 motor ??

I find it hard to believe it’s worn though. I’ve had my SC2 for over a year and a half and change wheels often. Besides a few scratches it’s no different than it was on day one

yeah, it’s scratch…but I like having a spare one, thanks, and is there a way to buy one with the official website?

The motor-side part is not listed on our website due to we not expecting enough sales for it to warrant the cost of having it listed & warehoused there. But if you contact our official support, we will be able to sell you one.