Quick Disconnect-Connect in game (Motion RIg)

Hi All, I’m a little bit stuck, and I hope I can get some guidance. I read the EMI related threads, but I’m not sure it’s EMI. Here is the situation. My Simucube 2 pro disconnects in-game (RF2/AC) while the Thanos controller controls the PT-actuator rig (Surge+TL). If I disconnect the Thanos controller, the SC works just fine. I connected a ground wire to the rig and measured with a multi-meter to verify everything was grounded (Rig, Wheel, Pedals). All USB cables have ferrite chokes and placed away from all power cables as far as possible.

(Power cables on the ground, USB cables in the air)

Each servo motor is connected to a power strip separately through a grounded wire. Both the SC power bricks and the rig’s servo motors share a power strip, and the power strip is connected to a grounded outlet. The Thanos controller runs beta_fix5. The sc runs the latest true drive software (2021.5).

I’ve added a PCI express USB 3.0 card and tried to isolate the devices. I ran tests with the Simucube solely on the PCI express card, the Thanos controller as the only connected device, and a few tests with the Heusinkveld Sprints as the only consumer. Also, a test with every device on USB-connected motherboard ports and a few tests runs with all devices on the PCIe USB hub. The pattern stays the same, the SC disconnects and connects when driving in the game.

I’ve monitored the state of the USB devices while running the game, but no disconnects can be seen in device manager (Windows 10) and USBview.

What could be my next troubleshooting step?

First things first:

  1. I notice no shielding on the servo UVW cable? It needs to be shielded, and grounded on the AASD side.
  2. Are you using EMI filters between the AASD drives and the AC power-feed to them?

These are the first two things I will address if I was in your shoes. But it might not fix the issue completely, but anyway a good start.


Thanks for responding Philip

  1. The cables are grounded, but you are right that they are not shielded. These are already ordered and will be replaced.
  2. I ordered three of these after talking to Thanos: Schaffner, FN2030 1A 250 V ac 400Hz. The servo motors will be placed on a separate power strip with a filter in between the power outlet and the strip. Will update this thread once everything is in place