Questions on updates

I haven’t been keeping up with the updates and noticed a few things:
In 0.9.9 USB FFB fixes, including an unverified fix for F1 2017 has been implemented - needs wider testing

0.11.1 USB data rate has been reduced when idle, which potentially fixes some issues with HTC Vive (FFB missing) and some high CPU utilization issues in Dirt Rally and some other games.

On 0.9.9, what is this and will it make any difference to rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa?

On 1.11.1, is this about the USB polling rate? What was it before and what is it now?



There was, amoung other things, a bug in the firmware which caused F1 2017 to crash. Based on mutual agreement with Codemasters, I can’t tell anything else.

rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa work OK, they did not suffer from the same issue.

0.11.1 will only send USB report to PC when it is different from the previously sent report. 0.11.0 and all other previous firmware versions sent a report as fast as possible, at 1000 Hz or higher rate. This caused too high CPU utilization in games that were polling a new USB report. It is also possible that this reduction in the bandwidth consumed by the Simucube can have an effect in the Vive users having no FFB when stating iRacing, but this is to be tested.

Thanks Mika

Also I haven’t been keeping up with the updates due to the firmware issues I was having with loss of feeling.
I know I came on here and made this big thread about it,& then said that the new firmware’s 1.7.2, & then 1.7.6 were fine, but I think I spoke too soon. driving the 458GT2 around Mugello made that more clear. I wan’t to do more testing before I come back on here about it.

But another question. If everything is fine for me(I’m on 0.9.3 & 1.6.1), will there be any point in upgrading in the future?
You were saying before about reducing latency and so on


The newer upgrades are bringing minor fixes for things and also some new features such as different button and Encoder options for the SimuCUBE as well I think (if I remember correctly) the version you are running does not have fully implemented Direct Input effects which are utilized by other games… iRacing doesn’t really use them.

You are fine with those old firmware versions, but there won’t be any support if you run into issues.