Question simucube 2 pro

Hello, I’m new here, greetings to all.
when I go in with the profile set to iracing to my liking and it goes perfect but when I go to iracing other times and the profile of assetto corsa is on, I change to the iracing profile as always and the hardness changes to very hard until I always have to go the hardness from the game and that’s how it happens to me in all the profiles. Does it happen to you?not only in iracing it is in all the games

You mean when you change the settings/profile while you are already in the game, the settings are not the same as they are if you changed them before starting the game?

That is, if I go into iracing with the profile set, it’s fine, but if I already have to tweak because I’ve played assetto corsa before, when I change the profile to iracing, the hardness, friction and everything changes, I don’t know if I’m explaining myself well?

Just remember to change the profile before you start the game. I never change the profile mid game, so I can’t say if it’s supposed to work or not.

Yes, before entering a game I always put the corresponding profile. But before starting a game if I make changes it is no longer the same as it was before. Thanks for answering

I’m kind of lost what you do exactly, what you expect to happen and what the actual result is…

If I want to tweak something:

  • load an existing profile
  • tweak a setting (friction let’s say)
  • open the game
  • friction is different

You are saying that addition to friction being different something else changes also? Is the car, track and weather also the same they were before?

This might be a side effect of the issue where simple mode profile’s parameters were not populated correctly. Will be fixed in next release.

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Doh, no wonder never happens to me, not using simple mode.