Question regarding forum notifications

In the last week, I have stopped receiving all forum notification emails.
The emails used to go to my spam folder and I was still able to keep track of everything. but now nothing.

I have checked my blocked list and also added to my safe sender list

I have also played around with preferences but I can’t get notification emails to work again.

Can anyone help?

I’m still getting my notification emails. We will investigate.

thank you - like I did not get an email notification for your reply even though I am watching this post

Still not getting any notification email of any kind - just stopped on its on, I have tried all the settings and I have granitdevice is safe sender list :frowning:

There used to be some issues, a long time ago, to send messages to Microsoft email address by the email provider. We are checking whether the issue has reappeared for some reason. Difficulties right now are some ongoing holidays and our preparation to leave for SimExpo…

@Cyberbug I checked our email provider logs. Your email is being reported as blocked with “spam reporter” status. There are several notification emails that have been send to an email that has the same service provider as yourself. We are investigating.

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Thank you. Really appreciate it

any luck on resolving this ?
I am using temp email for now, but would love to get my regular email address working

No luck, the emails just seem to bounce from your email. We are using a quite large email provider, though. perhaps Microsoft is auto-bouncing those as spam these days? never know.

Ok, I’ll open a ticket with microsoft

Its working again now, thank you for the support

don’t know if that’s the right thread to ask this, but wouldn’t be possible to have an android app with this forum? would be really useful imho

The mobile version scaled very well at least on Android. No need for app.


But it appears that there is a mobile app for any Discourse forum:


that works, thanks a lot Mika :slight_smile: