Question on mounting depending of vendor

Hi, I am about to pull the trigger for a simucube 2, but wonder if à mounting bracket is delivered with it and how to fit it to a sim lab gt evo rig?

  • on nhs they claim that they offer the basic mount but there is an option for asjutable mount
  • on sim racing bay, there is an option for the mount as well but not sure if there is any basic mount with the base

What would I need for the sim lab gt? I am a bit lost there.

I know sim lab sell a mount as well, but not sure if I need one , the other or both… thanks for any help you could provide :slight_smile:

SRB includes a nice mount for free, with adjustable angle.

Are you going to mount on GT1-Evo wheel deck? You might need to drill holes. Or can mount two pieces of 4040 on top of horizontal 4080 as some folks do and then put mount on those.

(I have “Frankenstein” modified GT1-Evo with P1X front mount for my SC2.)

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from Tomo at SRB again, and have already. His service is excellent. And I’m in US.

Thanks Lee, yes it seems that tomo is very professional from what I read.

Still a bit lost on the website, when I look the option to add a mounting bracket is 30 euros more, I cannot find a mention that there is anything included .

I found that on sim lab website, maybe that s just what I need to order?

Best option to mount it on simlab GT1 is this

Ok it appears he is now charging 30 euros for the mount. That must have changed. Sorry for my misinformation.

I basically did that with some 4080 profile and brackets. I found it to take up too much space below wheel and interfere with my legs personally. Others might not mind. It is a straightforward solution.

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@andrew : thanks! Do you know if it includes the mounting bracket or just the two bars to fix it on?
I will probably shoot a mail to sim lab to get their recommendation.

I may end up taking it from nhs, on simracingbay with price increase of rev2 + mounting , it is more than 100 euros over the other vendor…

Pretty sure everything, but ask. Sorry, I am on P1-X and use their wonderful front mounting.

p1-x looks very nice! Didn’t plan for a direct drive when I initially chose… didn’t expect to upgrade that quickly :sweat_smile:

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