Question abut used base. And where to buy wheel

Hi am abut to go over to Simcube 2 pro. And am exited!:slight_smile: But i have to alternative. One i can order it from one of the webstore’s. Or there is a used one close to where i live. Its only one month old. But truth be told am super worried abut buying used base. Its only one month old. But how will that work with warrenty?

Its not rly much cheaper then store. but could be worth haggeling. Cuse he seem desperate:P

Also where can i find a okay wheel for it? i can only find wheels to half the base’s price or more.

Been customer with Fanatec for years and years. But clearly you guys are superior. Hope the hype is real:D

I would double check with Granite Devices sales department if the warranty is transferable.

I personally would not buy a used SC2 if the factory warranty can not be transferred.

Some will ask why?
Because this a new product and we really do not know what problems may arise in the future. Hopefully none, but no guarantees.

Just my opinion, so please do not rip me to shreds if you disagree.:grin:


I’m with Joe, deffo gotta check on the warranty situation.

The only sim racing brand I’d feel completely comfortable buying second hand is Heusinkveld, they’ll look after everybody.

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Not completely on topic so apologies, but I’d agree with Joe and Si-Po on making sure the warranty is transferrable before buying and also asking why it’s up for sale so soon after purchase.

As a side note, I’d add Aiologs in with Heusinkveld as a company that looks after you whether you buy new or 2nd hand.

Off topic, but John at ECCI must be added to the safe list for second hand support.

I forgot to address your wheel question.
If you still have Fanatec wheel rims you could convert those to work with SC2.

Simon at SRM has conversion for most of the old wheels, and Leo just came out with a new board to convert all of the V2 wheels.:smiley::smiley:

Thx for you input guys<3. Yeah i could use my fanatec wheel. but i dont see the point. Where the gears and the electronics wouldent work. So it would be best to sell it with the Fanatec Base.

The reasoning behind selling it was that he had Bipolar. So it would just dust down.

But am abut to order it from store now;) It will be better keeping a personal relationship with the store.

As for a wheel. Ill use a basic momo drift/rally wheel for a while. Its made for cars. But probely work temp.

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All of the electronics on your Fanatec would still work if you did the upgrades I listed.

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Ahh nice! Thx for that. Sry i missed that part. Dident know what SRS was;) I tought maby pure mechanical adapter.

But that change things for sure sweet

Go to this link

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This one for Leo Bodnar

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