Question about Torque on sc2

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As it’s my first message I’ll do a quick presentation. I’ve started playing sims (iRacing) 8 months ago with a g29 and since it hooked me up I’m on the market for a new wheel (a DD).

There is one information I can’t find.
On previous DD (Mige) and on Fanatec’s, there is two informations for the torque : sustained (or continuous) and Peak.
Is this information exists for sc2 ? Or is it irrelevant ?

As the small Mige seems enough for me (10nm/20nm max) I’m trying to find out if the SC2 sport will be enough.

Thanks all for your help.

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For Simucube 2 it is irrelevant, as the torque is not de-rated for several seconds.

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Sustained or Continuous torque ratings as always been pretty irrelevant as normally with a direct drive wheel you are always coming in and out of peak and rarely if ever are you sitting at a continuous torque level… Only time you would sit at continuous is if you are in full clipping.

Thank you both of you for your answer.

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