Question about Simucube OSW kit


I am new in simulators and i own a (simucube based osw kit with cm110). The sticker on the servo motor says model 130st-AM10010. (i have used it less than 5 hours…)

Will i see any difference if i sell it and go for a simucube 2 ultimate ?

Do you know any shop that can make the trade or i have to sell it by my self ?

What would do if you were me ?!

Thank you

Take pictures of where the cables connect to the controller and we can figure out which model you have.
Not a bad idea to take the cover of of the CM110 case and take pics of the inside.

I highly doubt that anyone who sells SC2 would let you trade it in.

Most people like SC2 better than any of the previous versions.

Where do you live?