Question about servo motor for DIY project

I see that some people now buy a controller box directly from granite, then buy a small mige directly from China, then link them up to use.

Question, does those motor should be tuned before going gaming ?
Is there any other problem to use small mige for gaming without gaming ?
Don’t get me wrong, I am already simucube user, just interested in this knowledge.

Motor is a motor, there are no settings on it. Servo drive parameters, that dictate how that particular motor should be driven, must be set to the IONI servo drive correctly, though. Typically the servo motors are the same from batch to batch, so ready-made setting files can be used.

I do not understand this question.

my typing mistake sorry.
I see some process need to be use with oscillosope to check with the motor, so is it suitable to get a small mige directly from China factory, then plug into control box for gaming ? Are there anything need to be setup before gaming ? what ever software and hardware side

with Simucube, you would need only the Simucube firmware package and a motor configuration file, or you can set the motor parameters by using our Granity software.

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About the motor configuration file, is ti manually generated by human setting ? or a file from elsewhere ?

you can generate it manually using Granity when configuring the servo drive, or you can download some readily available ones which are available on various forums.

All of these informations you could have found also on our wiki.

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thanks for your information Mika :slight_smile:

I have diy my simucube and I bought the big mige motor plus biss-c encoder from China, the price was wonderful. The following encoder wiring is fit for simucube use,and you can buy the Shielded wire with them.