Question about Power supplies (Manuals)

Hello guys !
Just a a dumb question.
EDIT: This topic could be also the place to ask anything about this subject (power supplies).

Manuals said: *“Always connect POWER IN connector(s) on
Simucube 2 first before connecting power supply
to the AC outlet.”

I have to remove the SimuCube 2 (pro) base to ajust something, and I have connected “POWER IN” without having disconnected…:confused:
The first time no problem. I have been following the instructions.

I am an electrician so I wondering how much is bad for the product ?

Thx in advance!

The 48 V is enough to cause significant arcing when connecting, which will blacken the plastic on the connectors.

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Ok ! Everything seems ok. And no strange smell after that, connector seems ok ( or perhaps inside ?).
After connecting on of the “POWER IN”, I saw a little spark (arcing ?) and I was a little worried.

Thanks a lot again Mika and the community for your time.