Question about IONI

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I have a question regarding IONI regarding homing issue.

My hardware configuration:
-IONICUBE 4X ( 4 axis )
-BLCD Linear Motor 2EA, BLCD Rotary Motor 2EA
-Firmware 1109 ( Custom firmware )
-Jump X4 Pin 1 and X5 Pin 2

1.When 4-axis homing operation is requested to IONI, the homing operation is intermittently reversed…
-. The two axes must be homing in the same direction, but they may move in opposite directions.

2.When requested “software enable” state(custom software with SMV2 base code), the servo sometimes moves.
-. At this time, the direction moves in the opposite direction from homing. ( Direction + to encoder )
-. We confirmed was identified one axis.

Hi! We missed your message from emails, but found it. I already replied on that.

But let’s post solution to forum if it turns out to be something that may benefit the community.

Hi, Tero

We are using revision 2 (009).
Micro 5Pin USB is not recognized.
You said "you know how to fix it."
Can we how to do that?
Also please reply to my mail.


Thanks for info! Here are insturctions how to fix USB problem on that IONICUBE revision.

“IONICUBE Rev 2 (009) USB connection reliability can be improved by connecting a grounding wire from Mini-USB connector shell to GND pin. Wire may be soldered on Mini-USB connector outer shell or mounting tabs. This is not necessary on IONICUBE Rev 3 or later.”

The USB reiliablility error was just short time in Rev 2 and was fixed immediately on the revision 3 boards, which are now stocked.

I hope this helps!