Question about FFB with Simucube

I had a VSD setup and stm32 disco board, from around 2015, I havent used it for a while and I am thinking about upgrading to the Simucube.

I had an old Logitech driving force feedback and although it was not a powerful wheel at all, I can remember the oversteer effect the wheel had when the back end stepped out.

Does the simucube do this? I don’t think I ever got the VSD setup dialed in to really feel what the car was doing.

I am also a little shocked after seeing all the threads here about problems with the Simucube I just want to be able to set it up and get it to work with out hours and hours of tuning.

You can definitely feel the back end start coming around and it feels instant to me.

As far as issues, I had mine for almost before I had one. My issue was software (3rd party) related and nothing to do with my simucube or true drive.

I would not hesitate to make this purchase again, thinking of getting a pro when stock allows. I currently own the sport version.

Thanks for your help its what I was hoping to hear about the FFB, I feel a bit more confident about it now