Quality control!

Hi I have received my SC2 pro on Thursday but just installed today (Monday) I have noticed some issues with base as there are sharp edges, and the cover looks off centre creating sharp edges.

Also there is blemish on the silver strip and very small paint dents on the black coating

I think for that price the QA should be much better Any advise what to do?

Contact your reseller.

no veo nada raro en tu SC2 el mio es igual con esos mismo bordes y supongo que todos son asi, son dos carcasas independientes que se juntan, es normal

#carballo_Sergio I don’t think this is something normal/acceptable as I know there is good quality control but somehow this imperfection has been missed.

If I’m honest, the high price is for the motor and firmware, not the looks, even scuffs, etc. My SC2P has a weird case alignment issue at the white stripe area. Doesn’t seem to affect performance.

If the price was for looks, it would have some kind of polished looking enclosure and not just be a bear motor.

I actually like the industrial look. Looks somehow more adult and less like a toy.

@shovas the Granite Devices responded to my issues via email and admitted that this shouldn’t happen and the unit has to be returned and realigned at the factory. I will receive replacement from the reseller. Anyway thanks for the response.

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Oh…interesting you mention alignment because I do have issues like that lol I have to re-set the center differently from true center to get it to act properly in games like AMS2, etc.

Will keep that context in mind next time I jump in a sim.

The parts are two parts that screw on together. The slight misaligment looks to be in-tolerance to me. The parts do not have deburred edges, so an edge will be felt if there is any misalignment (or in fact also with no misalignment). The edge is not sharp enough to cause concern to us, but your pictures do not show the misalignment from all angles. Some misalignment here is within specifications.

Also, we are concerned of any easily (from far) visible anodization artifacts/defects on the motor and the rear extension/cover piece - those should not be there and thus we will inspect the motor. Anodization is a process that can leave visible patterns and non-uniform color patterns on the motor and the extension piece. We consider some of that being normal, but we will inspect the motor when we get it to see how it actually looks in real life. The pictures are usually deceiving.

@Mika thanks for clarifying. I have attached more pictures. What do you think? There is also paint chip very small but still…!

There are no painted parts - they are anodized. I can’t comment on that particular chip right now.

Anodized parts can’t be really re-done - we have strict quality requirements and parts that have obvious faults, are not assembled into motors and thus are not shipped to customers. But if every tiny fault would disqualify the part, then there would be some number of discarded parts lying around. Thus, the acceptance criteria has to be drawn somewhere.

Two more pictures

I can assure you the edge is sharp.

Looks like mine. The back part is a separate assembly with electronic. The fact that GD was able to match it so closely to the motor case is amazing on its own.
Just fire it up and enjoy your favorite sims.


I have “sharp” edge also between the parts and the white strip. Luckily I don’t have time to tickle the gap while driving. I suppose the white strap being recessed is a design choice.


The last two pictures are the first ones, that show something unusual. This edge is hard to see from the other perspectives. I wouldn’t be happy with that either.
The rest ist normal and nothing to be worried about.

Since you will get a replacement, I’m sure you will be happy with your base afterwards.

It is not the the problem with the recessed design, which is fine, but misalignment of that sandwiched silver part. It is too recessed on one side and slightly sticking out on the other. At least on my unit, seems like OP suffers the same fate.
Not the end of the world, but definitely something GD can improve. I was even thinking of taking unit apart to realign it, but by looking at SRG videos seems like it might not be possible.

Te design is perfectly fine it’s just the assembly and misalignment of two parts. I have flagged this up with GD customer service and they have advised to contact reseller for replacement as this unit has to go back to the factory. Maybe I’m bit OCD but I think there is always room for improvement

Ok, that could be annoying. Luckily mine is flush/recessed equally on all sides.

Doesn’t look so bad on the pictures but if it bothers you then why not exchange it? Within the 14 days return policy of course (EU consumer law).