Quality control of Simucube

Hi all,

I had Fanatec DD2 more than a year and now I bought Simucube 2 pro (I don’t know why). I’ve waited it for 3+ month…

Today I got it. Look in what conditions… For example, quick release:

It’s not a usage tracks, it looks like manufacturing defect…

The base side of quick relese have little cosmetic damage too, and the base itself…

I can’t send it back to reseller (and I already had a bad experience with it), because of customs regulation of my country, and anyway I don’t want to wait another 3 month…

So, this condition of device is it normal for NEW Simucube?

When I received my SC2 it had some cosmetic damage to some of the parts. To me it was very clear that this happened during the transport. I reported it to my reseller and very quickly I got new parts shipped directly from GD actually.

Please PM me some more pictures of your wheelbase. It would also be important to see the condition of the box after shipment. This is shipping damage for sure.

The thing is, the box not damaged, except small trail there:

But it need to very hard force to damage aluminium like that… If it was shipping damage (may be!.. but how?..), I was VERY lucky that this force not affected the base…

I also had some minor quality control issues.

I waited 3 months and I didn’t want to send it back.


These issues that you have experienced are not normal. These are transport or other issues that have happened after the unit has been shipped out from our factory. If you see issues in the base side SQR and that adapter plate, they have somehow collided inside the packet and caused the deformations. Sometimes what we have seen before is that customs officials open the packet and mess the order of parts inside the packet -> may cause issues afterwards during the transport. Worst that I saw / suspected was a unit that had been opened in the customs and screws where opened from the plastic bag and thrown in to the packet. Large scratches all over the unit, but this was last year, 2019.

I must say, that these also are somehow formed after the unit has been shipped out from our factory. In B-series units these could have been possible, but your unit is not b-series.

No it’s not a B-series product, it’s not very serious for a high-end product.

I also had the problem of weird handwriting.

The font on my Simucube looks just like that. Not sure what’s weird about that or what you’re expecting.

I was expecting something cleaner, I don’t know if this is normal or if I am too demanding.

Regarding the lasered Simucube logo; the text is indeed lasered to the anodization layer, and as long as it is lasered on one go and that the result is uniform, the QC will pass on that regard. However, the lasered part might have stripes when looked up at close distance due to the nature of laser engraving process.


dude your way over demanding on the lettering… I mean seriously.

The only photo that I see an issue with is quick release dent. And as you live outside the EU im almost positive customs will have opened the box and mess about with it. happens ALL the time here in South Africa also.
What is your objective here… your just want to moan and complain but have no intension of sending it back… hoping the supplier will ship you a new unit free of charge or something?

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We consider to be strict about defects in our brand logo and we do not to pass any product that has defect in the brand logo. However, please be aware that your photos are in typical computer monitor couple of times magnified images of the surface. The qc that we have is done with naked eye, there is no magnifying glass aid in this process.

For the time being we have not thought to improve the logo to be “better” when viewed with magnifying glass or similar, but on the other hand the stripes are visible to someone who has good eye sight and wants to view the logo from close distance. To me I think this is the first time the current logo print is considered as not lower than average or expected quality.There are slight differences in the laser engraving results, but those result variations are small. We may need to consider different techniques, but we also need to consider the costs, alltough there possibly are techniques that do not add costs compared to laser engraving. The good part about laser engraving is that it is not removable, it stays on the product.


And as you live outside the EU im almost positive customs will have opened the box and mess about with it

In my case, I bought many devices (may be 30… vr helmets, wheel bases, pedals, wheels and so on) without any issue with customs or our post. It’s not the option at all, our post works perfectly. Our customs does not open the box, they use devices like in airports. The seals on the boxes never was damaged.

I think SimuCube needs more safe box. Like in Fanatec DD, it’s almost impossible to damage the base during shipping. It will a bit more expensive, but it’s important part of product.