QRX Pinout for usb pass through on a 3rd party wheel rim

Hello everyone, I am new here and got my Simucube 2 pro a couple of weeks ago and have yet to use it once. I ordered a GT Wheel but it hasn’t shipped yet. I also ordered some QRX quick releases to go with it but I can’t find any diagram pinout. I am not the most versed in wiring stuff but I like to tinker. I have been trying to convert my roso wheel rim over to the qrx system but can’t get the usb pass through to work. I have spent two weeks off and on trying to get it to work and have just about given up. I can get the wheel to light up with power but can’t get the usb to work through the qrx. I always get an error message. I for the life of me just don’t know which wires are the + and - for the usb pinout in the qrx. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks eveyone!