QR technology discussion

Lets start a thread about this topic as it seems to pop up in other topics way too often.

Simucube is looking for feedback on what our next QR should be like.

I’m not voicing my opinions quite yet. Lets have a free discussion first.

USB pass-trough
Connect any USB wheel to QR and let other/original software do their work.


What are the positive and negative aspects of this solution?

No cable hanging
All USB wheels suported

New wheelbase is mandatory to route USB data to PC through the shaft

I will add negatives:

  • wheel base needs USB hub chip, and a quite powerful 5V voltage regulator to output enough current for wheel with e.g. display. This drives the cost of the wheel base electronics higher.
  • USB is not very tolerant to connection errors
  • user needs to have several softwares installed (possible one for wheel base and then several softwares for each of the wheels)
  • wheels cannot be hot swapped as games do not support that without third party tools that allow remapping etc.

This is a challenge for developers, and GD would do the best for sure

Those are common problems that we, as users, already assume.
Better this than the need to change all our existing wheels to enter into a new ecosystem

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Yeah, for sure I feel the same - changing to an ecosystem where the wheel would have to be from a certain brand for the wheel base to work, is not the way to go.

If USB pass through like what Asetek did (preferred option) is not feasible, perhaps standard BT not locked into SC specific protocol. And yes, it’s stable enough and works for all other PC peripherals and audio.

USB wheels were around for ages, it’s proven and working formula. The only disadvantage is hanging cable.

I agree, imo it’s a no-go.
When I use the same wheel for AC, ACC, AMS2, F1 titles, rF2 Aso I have to remap the buttons anyway:

Some F1 titles have the possibility to change fuel mix, others not

rF2 doesn’t allow ERS harvesting/deploying, but AC does

Dirt 2.0 and RBR allow to use 2 shifting inputs, WRC doesn’t

So we have to use different profiles with different wheels anyway. The classic QR is solid, has 0 play and allows me to use whatever wheel that is not limited by vendor lock in barriers.
Plus, depending on the wheel having a display or not, a lot are using Simhub (which supports almost all titles) anyway.

If you have a problem with a usb cable, it’s quite easy and cheap to replace it. A powered QR with data delivery would be sure more expensive, would maybe come with a longer delivery time.
At the moment, all I need to run my wheels is TD and Simhub, which now has integrated vjoy solution, steering lock extension ammo.
Asetek QR is an elegant solution, but also showed how much a problem with it will impact your racing routines. Replacing can take months, and it’s still a step towards a lock in system

In a perfect world, the most desired QR would be the actual SQR and wireless I/O data device capable of transmitting to display and RGB leds.
Powered by mobile battery (lasting +24h) or by any magical electromagnetic waves

In the real world, best solutions is what we have now: sturdy QR and data cable hanging like in most racing cars.


This deserves a whole bunch of hearts!!!

I believe QR and communication protocol are not necessarily the same thing.
Xero-Play and Buchfink Q1R are arguably the best, quickest and easiest to use QRs on the market, reliable and reasonably priced as well.
Most people who already invested in those prefer them over SC2 solution, no offense to GD, but they are just better.
Communication protocol, USB was and still is the most common standard, if some clever solution can drop the dangling cable with option to convert existing wheels, that would be a dream come true.

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USB pass through isn’t going to happen most likely but a simple 5v Power pass through Might be nice to have BOTH for Granite and other wheel manufacturers as this would allow the use of the normal SC Wireless connection but NO battery issues…

As for the design of it… the Xero Play is probably already the best out there followed by Maybe the Gomez and the VRS… The Accuforce material adjusted NRG is also very good and what I have been using for years.

The SC2 current is also Very Solid but it is not so much a Quick Release as a releasable attachment as it is not quite as fluid as a traditional QR that basically releases all tension to make it VERY easy to change the wheel. I would sort of put the Q1R in this respect as well once warn in as it gets harder to use the more you use it as it holds well but the Cam system gets worn and less effective.

I have tried a few Prototype units throughout the years as well that looked promising but didn’t work well. The current one Honestly other than maybe a Power pass through is good enough… No need to reinvent the wheel unless you are looking for an Add-On replacement of the current one. As of course from a wheel manufacturer point of view If I were to make a wheel that had the wheel side QR piece attached that piece better be low cost enough to make it worth it. (right now it is fairly inexpensive for the wheel side.

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I think that the choice of a new QR is related to whether to create a proprietary system of simucube steering wheels, or otherwise, you just want to make a QR that is simpler to use, which allows you to use almost any steering wheel.
If you want to do like many brands to create your own system with proprietary electronics by QR, the best QR are those of simagic or moza

I’m not sure it’s one of the best QRs, because if I’m not being silly, the electronics go through the motor shaft, which isn’t a good idea.
I don’t have enough expertise to find a better technology, but the most reliable, as mentioned above, is the usb cable.


I’m not a fan of the Moza QR, I recently tried a few on my SC2 along with the Moza RS037 and SRM adapters. Seemed great at first but then I noticed a slight mechanical knock under rare harsh FFB conditions like hitting a rock on DR2.0 for example. You could also feel this admittedly tiny amount of play by gripping the wheel at 9 and 3 o’clock and pushing on one side whilst pulling on the other.
This would probably go unnoticed by most users but after 3+ years of using the solid stock Simucube QR I couldn’t bring myself to put up with it so sent them all back.

Do you have pictures of worn out part, how many applications it takes to degrade?
Have been using the same Q1R release since 2015 starting with Argon OSW and now on SC2 and it still works as smooth as on day one, no visible wear either.

It is the Cam Lock, (I don’t have pictures as it has been quite a while since I have even had one) what happens over time if you use it a lot is that you will have to keep tightening the cam lock more and more to get it to securely hold the parts together.

As you do this the Q1R gets harder to release the parts from each other. In the worst case the tension required to hold the parts together gets so High that the spring loading will actually cause the part to break. I believe Beano has had this occur to him as well.

It may be one of those things that is seen with high use (changing wheels often) and high power.

Basically the thing is if the connection is loose in any way it is bad for FFB as it manifests itself in oscillations that you cannot figure out where they are coming from. The Q1R if a little bit loose can cause a rocking between the plates so you tighten it more and it becomes a cycle until failure.

This is my point.
If granite device makes a new QR with data inside of the QR only for new Simucube wheels, not compatible with other brands….(not matters which brand of the market)
or improve only the mechanics in a new QR.