QR on wheelside or base side?

I have tried to search the forum but I couldn’t get a clear answer to this. Anyway, I am going to mount an extension on the SC2 Pro. The original “extension” is waaay to short.

But I was wondering if it matters what side the extension should be mounted? It seems to me that the majority of people mounts the extension on the wheelbase side and the QR system at the end. But I have noticed that you can also do it the other way around. Leaving the original shaft untouched and mount an extension on the steeringwheel side instead.

So my questions are this:

Is it better or worse to have the QR system closer or further away from the motor? With “wear and tear” in mind. Im just thinking that maybe with the QR system further away from the steering wheel then maybe the force on the QR system itself will be “bad”.

But at the same time, the tought of disembling the original part thats mounted from the factory, just to put an extension on there. The thought of doing that on a brand new wheelbase that cost $1200 kinda scares me to be honest.

What’s your opinion on all of this?

I have been looking at the extension from simracingbay, if that matters. Here is a link to the product:

Hi. I was also in the same position, but decided to go with the base side. Would you make it on the steering wheel, you would have to extend every future with the same extension.

By extending it on the simucube, I can now put it much further away from me, which also means more foot room etc for me.
I would do it again so and the assembly on the Simucube is really easy. No reason at all to be afraid.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you should not push yourself out of the rig via the extension.
But who does that :smiley:

Sorry to bother you on a Sunday afternoon, but after reading this I have a question: what affects/effects/impacts does the additional mass (the 375 grams) generates (if it does at all)? Has the length of the extension also consequences? On the DD and the steering wheel?
Just realized it’s more than 1 question…(and I sometimes have strange ideas because I have 0 talent when it comes to mechanics and physics)

The added mass and inertia quite close to the axis of rotation has very negligible impact.

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