Purchase SC1 in 2023

Hi everyone!
Excuse me, but i’m lost.
I have a question, a teammate sells me his OSW1 Simucube (Simracingbay) with Biss-C 4.2million encoder, at a cheaper price than a Fanatec wheel. I currently have a Fanatec CSW2.5 with any problem.
Sensations have already told me that it is very similar to an SC2, the question is whether these devices are hard at the fault level. I have the doubt if it is worth it and at a reliability level it is worth it, the motor I understand that it is indestructible but the controller is what gives me reservations.
Greetings and thanks!

I’ve had my Simracingbay OSW1 Simucube since 2016 and it is as good today as the day I got it.

Better in in fact due to upgrading to the Biss-C encoder and the Simucube 1 firmware.

Never had any problems with the motor or the controller box.