PSU Din Rail Mounting

Hi everyone,
New to all this and finally started to take the plunge. Just ordered my motor and I am looking at Power supplies. I realise the din rail Meanwell 480 is on the list but does the fact its din rail pose any problems with regards to fixing it in a case.

Cheers in advance


The original acrylic kit for Simucube has in its build instructions the step to remove the din rail mount:

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@Mika Thanks for the prompt reply. That’s fantastic thank you I searched but obviously not very well. Loads of info to take in

I am also building OSW Simucube 1 and i am using old ATX computer case at least now as case to Simucube and PSU. I just 3D printed DIN rail what i put into case and installed NDR 480 there in rail.

@samviljan I did think about that after reading reply and looking at the din rail. I may have to go with a cheaper supply for a few months to get me up and running then I’ll change over. Still have a wheel and connector to sort lol as well as boards

Do yourself a favor and don’t go for a cheaper supply. Just wait until you can afford the NDR.

There have been a few people over the years that went with a cheap power supply and it shorted out and killed the Ioni and Simucube board.

Not worth losing the control boards to save a few $$ on the power supply!

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Yes i agree. I could purchase Meanwell NDR480 48V/480Watt from Aliexpress delivered to Finland 83 euros so cost to go for a cheaper with with mentioened reliability and other issues is saving in wrong place in my opinion.

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Noted. :+1: :+1: I’ve waited long enough now and I figure if I just leave the motor when it arrives on the kitchen table, my wife might start donating to the cause. :grin: :grin:

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Yea I would not go cheaper… But I would look at eBay… I have gotten my SDR supplies from a company called PowerNex out of Taiwan and they have been perfect and about $60 US cheaper than anywhere else for the SDR… I think last I saw the NDRs through them were under $100 US shipped.


Yeah, a proper bit of digging this morning and Digikey electronics are doing them for £95 delivered UK. for the NDR.

I absolutely agree with Brion.

Check ebay first. I only used the SDR 480-48 in my builds and occasionally found them for almost 50% off including shipping.

I would only buy a new one personally.

Definitely going to be a new one. One problem is we get hit with 20% tax when importing (item + shipping) but I will do the maths