PSU 450W power question

Another stupid question from the newbie as I am getting ready to turn this up tomorrow. Is it okay to have constant power supplied to the PSU as long as I am shutting down my computer at night which cuts the USB? Reason I ask is I have all my equipment wired into a very expensive constant filtered power source or would recommend throwing the switch on the cooler master also.

Hi Raptoid

Please specify what products do you now mean?

I’m now assuming you mean simucube, and the question is, that is it ok to leave the simucube PSU turned on even if you turn the pc off. Or do I make false assumption?

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Sorry I am new to the forum yes that is correct can I have constant power to the simicube PSU and just turn off the PC so nothing is flowing to the simicube. The reason being the cube is place in an area that will not be easy to throw the switch all the time.

It is ok to do this, however two known issues might be a problem to you:

  1. Sometimes SimuCUBE stops responding to commands and sending position reports to PC.
  2. Some Bioses don’t let the PC to start when SimuCUBE is sending position reports to PC.

Both of these known issues are in active investigation right now :slightly_smiling_face:

Please also note, that it is a good idea to switch output power off from the Ioni drive by pressing e-stop when not using the wheel. Ebay/aliexpress estop switches might fail over time, so installing a separate switch for this purpose might also be worth it.

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My PC starts up very slowly since the update, its prone not to starting, I have to turn off the Simcube for it to start up quickly

I use one of these I bought at my local Wal-Mart to have easy ability to turn power on and off to my simucube. It’s just a generic extension cable with a remote on/off switch.


Beautiful idea didn’t even cross my mind have one for my christmas tree thank you. As you can it is in the far right corner really don’t want to crawl under the screen to get to it.