Protecting simucube build with fuses

I’ve seen a lot of builds with input/output fuses that leave me with a couple questions;

  • The simucube ‘kit’ doesn’t include or mention fuses in its assembly guide, just how neccessary/advisory is it?
  • If one is going to put inline fuses in the kit, where are the best places for them? Presumably between the mains input and the power supply input, and possibly between the power supply output and the simucube?
  • Just what exactly is the benefit of doing this? Safety or protecting the hardware if a fault occurs?

Thanks for your patience and help!

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It couldn’t hurt, You are mainly going to be protecting against a wall surge in current if it is between the Mains and Power supply and if between the Power supply and Simucube you would be protecting against a massive short in the power supply…

If you have a good surge arrestor that would probably be fine for the Mains protection… I haven’t really heard or seen anyone put one between the PSU and the Simucube… and due to the power draw I would think it would need a pretty high rated fuse on the DC… Don’t want to search out the calculations right now…

Cheers, that makes sense and is in line with what I thought, thanks for clarifying.