Proper USB-conversion kit for Formula V2 / F1 2018 / 2019

Dont know where to post this but anyway…

Simon @SMR UK just managed to USB-convert Fanatec Formula V2 / F1 2018 / 2019. Great news for some, maybe bad for others. :sunglasses:

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For you without iracing account, below are info with links:

I am delighted to finally have a proper conversion for the Fanatec Formula V2 wheel available

The conversion is thanks to Leo Bodnar who has managed to get things working.
My conversions come with everything needed. They include coiled USB cable and wheel mounting parts so that you just bolt them to the wheel and can then bolt a spacer, QR or just straight to your wheel base.

I’m doing a video to show the wheel in action and will post that later today.

I offer a DIY conversion kit

You can send me your wheel to convert

Or I can supply a brand new wheel fully converted


Not really a fan of these wheels, I much prefer a mod27c if I am going that small, but alot of people do love them. Seems like this puts the Podium lineup in an awkward situation, the proprietary wheel selection is one of the only advantages they really had over competitors and now that seems to be gone. You can buy a superior SC2 Pro wheel base for less than a DD2 and still have access to the fanatec catalog of wheels.