Projet diy direct Drive

Good morning all, I plan to mount a direct drive myself with a 130St 10010 mige motor, a simucube card and an ioni pro. I am currently in discussions with Lisa from mige and she asks if I want to encode at 2500 ppm or 10,000 ppm. I admit that I do not know what to answer him, because I do not know the difference between these two models. I hope that a charitable soul among you will help me. I thank you in advance. Jeremy.

Tell Lisa you want either a BiSS-C encoder on your servo, or if they don’t have those anymore, 2nd option would be 10,000PPR incremental encoder.


Hello and thank you for your answer to I made it clear to Lisa that I wanted a BISS C encoder, I had already discussed with tan li from mige who also offered it to me, if I understand correctly on the BISS C encoders no need to specify the ppm ??

Let me know the bit-count for that BiSS—C, it should be something like 22 or 24 bit…

ok, thanks to you, I will keep you informed. good day

ok, thanks to you, I will keep you informed. good day

The Mige Biss-C is a 22-Bit it is the same as the ones found on the SC2 Pro (or at least it was in early production)

Yeah, I remember the earlier ones were 22-bit, but not sure if Mige has changed them since, who knows…

I don’t believe there has been any change to the supplier for them…

Yep, so 4M resolution it is for the OP, provided he can still get one from Mige.

Hello and thank you for your answers, after confirmation the BISS C is still in 22 bits at MIGE, they therefore send me the ST 130 AM 10010 motor, with BISS C encoder and all the cables that go with it.

If they are true to recent… the Cable coming with the Mige for the encoder will be pre-wired for the SimuCUBE.