Projektti Mörkö - The Bogeyman - DD Wheel


The vertical standing one with a power button on the front, right? I asked for a black version of it :wink:


Will do, Marc!

Yes, they make some pretty cases, I like the new one very much too :slight_smile:


Sadly Jesus can not make a black version - new to me but obviously you can’t paint stainless steel?

And the new V case is to small for a big 960watt powersupply and he doesn’t seem to be willing to modify it. Bit sad, I would have paid the necessary work but…

Well, I am looking to a custom carbon case now. Buddy of mine has a CNC mill for carbon.


Why not design one from anodized aluminium? Will be a lot easier to machine, more practical and dare I say, look a lot better, especially with some subtle polished chamfered edges :slight_smile:

Yeah, the version I have, I requested Jesus to make me a custom one that fits the 960W PSU. It took him some time to do as he had to re-design the housing, but it works very well.

I think I will do a custom one-off for my own personal use out of aluminium and have some engineering house machine it for me professionally. It needs to be small and compact and blend in with my 8020 rig, so I will get onto it in a few weeks when workload at start of the new year tapers off a bit.


my guy only does carbon - he is a total carbon junkie. but if you do something in black anodized aluminium and we could share the cost, I would buy one instantly.

I am still driving my naked simucube board on top of the powersupply with no case :-0


Ok, as promised some time ago, and by request of a few people here and elsewhere, see a quick video showing a few laps at Interlagos, using the Ford GT3.

The servo is capable of a healthy 38NM at 1:1 in iRacing, for this test though, I am running it at 30NM. It is pretty strong, but I’m having heaps of fun with it at this level with the Ford.



G’day all,
Did another video, this time around Road America, in the Moocedes.

As we all know, iRacing did a BOP adjustment to the GT3 cars this past week - I decided to give the Moocedes a quick few laps to see how it behaves after the BOP. Not bad, I must say, but by all indicators, the Audi is the new King of the Track until the next adjustments are made.

After a few laps in most cars this week, the Audi is the clear leader, with the Moocedes, McLaren and Fezza all in the same ballpark. The only car that has been severely castrated is the Ford, my old go-to car of choice. A pity, as both the ride-height and dampers seems to be broken somehow.

Hopefully it can be fixed soon - fingers crossed…

Anyway, enjoy the video, it was a fun few laps at 32NM torque :slight_smile: Awesome and immersive workout, blew my mind.



I was wondering where you got your wheel rim from?


Hi Larry,
The base of the wheel is the OMP ALU310, but the button-plate is my own design…I am now busy building a 2nd one, but with the new Bluetooth wireless receiver/transmitter for the Simucube/Simucube2.

I will post a lot about that a bit later!



Thanks, I was looking for the button plate and enclosure for that rim after seeing you use it. Looks like a amazing rim. No luck yet finding all of the enclosure and front and back, so I will look around later today. I am excited to pre-order the Simucube 2 Pro this week. You do a lot for the community with what you do at Granite, so thank you.



Can you read this and explain it to me? Or email me at if you would rather not answer here.


I thought I sent this yesterday, but it’s not in my sent messages. Can you please explain the differences between the simucube2 sport and pro? I don’t need immersion, I just always heard the bigger the motor, the more detail you could feel about the car. So that’s one question, do you think I can feel the same amount of detail between the two motors?

I ask as I am sure I would turn the 25Nm Pro down due to neck and shoulder issues. But, if the three things the pro has that the sport does not have, make the sport a no brainier, please tell me. Along with if you can explain like talking to a dummy what the three things do.

  1. Sport does not have adjustable torque slew limit. The pro does

  2. The sport does not have non linear force saturation. The pro does

  3. The sport has cogging calibrated. The pro has multi torque cogging + ripple.

Thank you so much in advance,


Ps. Once you explain it, if you would, I can order it :slight_smile: