Project Cars 3 not working

Mika is there anything you can think of that would cause this to freeze when using vr along with a Simucube wheel base. Its only with vr. Many of us have tested this. Other then vr and the Simucube base thats the only thing common between us.

Mika ,
No ideas on this?.Its not just a Simucube issue but most of us with Simucube bases and vr headsets cant play it. Any help would be much appreciated seeing its been like this since release.

Your report is the first we’ve heard of this. It might be related to the USB issue with 2021.1 firmware which we are fixing now. Your report doesn’t have enough substantial information to really do anything.

What do you need from me? For many of us PC3 hasnt worked with vr since release. It wasnt specific to one wheel or headset only so thats probably the reason why it hasnt been posted before on here. It looked more like a game problem and may still be. But with the last patch it looks like its mostly Simucube owners that still have an issue. It will work but the second you try to start a race of any kind it just freezes and you need to use task manager to close the game.

I have had the same issue as well…Not sure if its now sc specific though…

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Im not sure either but its almost all Simucube owners with an issue now so i figured id ask here. Mika is pretty sharp.

So what do you need from me to see where the issue is?

Mika i know youre busy with the new online software but any help would be really appreciated. If there is anyway you could stop by the Project Cars Forum in the vr post it would be great then maybe a dev will get involved then. They cant reproduce the issue because they dont have a wheel base to use. At this point ive done enough testing with others to know the issue only happens when you combine the Simucube base with vr.

Nothing? Im not understanding why nobody from Granite is replying here.

The simple answer is that the issue does not repeat if not using VR, and that it does not repeat with the one VR unit we have at the office. It could very well be some kind of timing issue with the VR unit.

Yeah but its happening to many of us with completely different pcs and different headsets. This has been going on since release of the game and there is a forum post related to this on the PC3 forum. They have fixed it for some bases but Simucube bases are still effected. Any help here would be greatly appreciated by those of us with the issue still. We have done as much as we can at this point to figure this out. At this point we know for sure its the combination of vr and the wheel base that causes it because any other combination of controllers works fine. Do you have any thoughts on what could possibly cause it? Basically the only common thing is using any vr headset with the Simucube base. Just a thought too. Im not sure how many times you tried it but it doesnt always show up on the first race. For some reason you can sometimes do one or two races then its starts but once it does it will just keep doing it.

Thank you for replying.

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Another guy just posted in the PC3 forum with the same issue.

Hello good guys, well I have the same problem, maybe there are not many of us who have simucube and vr, but it is incredible that project cars wash their hands and from what I see you too, I have spent a lot of money on the simucube so that you ignore the trouble
I have seen another person in simucube 2 with the same problem

these things do nothing but remove my doubts and buy me a fanatec or thrumasters, many problems with simucube to enjoy this hobby
my vr are the hp g1


I have the same issue with my SC2 Pro in VR on PC3.

I might be able to complete a few laps of the same track when I first start my computer and turn the wheel on, but as soon as I start a race on a new track, the game freezes when the race starts.

Weird thing is, I can unplug my Simucube and plug in my Thrustmaster wheel and I have no issues.


Old thread, I know - but the problem’s still not solved.
Culprit is SLIGHTLY MAD STUDIOS, not Granite!
Granite has nothing to do with the issue - if you do some research, you’ll find out that the problem occurs with other wheelbases as well.
It’s a well-known issue, happened right from the launch of PC3, but the developers just ignored it.
Maybe they’ve got some contracts with wheelbase manufacturers and promised to hinder the use of other “non-contract” hardware.
Seems to be only explanation why they refuse to fix it.

Workaround: BEFORE starting a race, open the settings and select “Controller” as controller, start the race, pause the game, select “Wheel” again.
I know it’s a pain in the you-know-where, but it works.
You see? An issue they could very easily fix (even a simple keyboard macro would do), they just don’t want to.
And again: It has nothing to do with Granite.

For those interested: Found a Steam code for less than 10 Euros, so I gave PC3 a try.
My opinion: Okay for less than 10 €, but I would have regretted the deal if I paid more.
VR rendering is mediocre, parts of the surroundings look like 2D objects planted into the landscape, speed (RTX 2070/Valve Index) and definition are not the best, just all other modern and older (AC) sims work better.
FFB is boring, muddy, imprecise, you don’t get a real feel of the road, just enough feedback to catch a slide. Compared with other sims, it really is like day and night, with PC3 being on the very dark side of the moon. It’s like you’re back to the cheap wheelbases we started with, lacking all the realistic and overwhelming details a direct drive wheel was built for.
AI is just unnatural, like dominated by a kind of swarm intelligence, doesn’t feel like real people driving, not at all. Direct, unnatural, aggressive, like in the first days of “simulation”, starting with Atari’s “Pole Position”. AI acts like all cars being connected by a rubber band, pulling them all into the same direction and creating a big car cluster.
Tracks - as being a German, of course I tried Nordschleife first, advertized by some in-game description as the well-known “green hell” - but rendered all in brown in the game, missing the green. Looks okay, but again, other sims do it better. I found Nordschleife far easier to master than with other sims.
Didn’t try other tracks, yet.

If you’ve got 10 Euros to spare - okay. Don’t expect that "Simucube Grin"™ while playing.
You’re better off with proven sims like PC2, DR 2, AM, RR, AC, etc. Far better.

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