Project Cars 3 and Simucube 2

Hi guys, i was just wondering if anybody has already picked up and tried PC3 with an SC2. Obviously its a simcade title with a lot of controversy around it, but it may be fun. I am just trying to decide if i am going to get it or not and wanted to know if it has any decent ffb.

You could try it and if you don’t like it , refund it asap.


I’ve tried, SC 2 Ultimate
I don’t like it, but maybe better with custom ffb settings
not a simulation game anyway :confused:

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I would go for Automobilista 2 instead. Same engine but a sim.
What i hear is that PC3 is optimized for controllers, consoles.


Guys thanks for your comments. I already have enough sims i.e. ACC, AC, AMS2, RFACTOR2, etc. and i am loving them. I am just looking for something more “casual”/fun and was interested to know if anybody had spent some time already with this on a SC, got some good ffb settings, etc.

Would imagine PC2 settings would be a good starting point ? but have neither title myself. I am hoping for support for the new Motorsports game coming out as I also like a casual racing game sometimes when on with a lot of my friends