Project cars 2 - help - no option for simcube and wheel in controls menu

Hi new to sim racing and first post, I have a simcube 2 pro and cube controls gt pro wheel , the controls menu doesnt have these options for in game on project cars 2… and when i launch into game nowt happens , obviously no control functionality at all, any help appreciated . Note - i downloaded the game on steam witha cdkeys bought code , Im sure that doesnt matter but just wondered if the game needs patched etc etc , as tou can tell im not computer literate , many thanks ac

Hello, good day.
I interpret this as a divine sign, so that you do not do this evil with your Simucube by playing this infamous content, hehehe.
Sorry for the joke.
I wish you good luck.

Go to the control settings and bind them as you do in any game

When you calibrate/set-up steering axis you have to turn the wheel relatively fast all the way to the left, and then return to center. Repeat the procedure to the right side.
In TD, temporarily set the rotation degrees to a small number. This should also help to get this recognized. After successfully setting steering reset this in TD