Profils download

I am new to Simucube and I am wondering if there is any option to download profiles from users with experience.
Without any experience I have not a good feeling with the wheel in the moment.


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Many of the screenshots of Simucube 1 profiles for different games are directly applicable for Simucube 2 as well. Although profiles can be exported and imported, it never really took off for Simucube 1 users and screenshots were shared instead.

We are in process of setting up game specific instructions.

Which game you do not have a good feel in?

I used the export import feature for profiles on everyone of the builds that I did.

I really hope you have that feature in the SC2 software.:slight_smile:

Yes, that feature is in the Simucube 2 True Drive software as well, but importing a Simucube 1 profile .ini file is not supported at the moment.

Good news! Thanks Mika

When I use SC1 profile and for example Damping effect in filter is set for 0,3% how mutch it´s for SC2?

It is 3%. We changed the scale of the damping, friction and inertia sliders to be more user friendly.


I am wondering if there is a place to download some profiles?

There is not yet such a place. We might set up something like that soon.

Next major firmware update will also have a “Simple Profiles” mode where user has only a few generic parameters to set, to make setting up the system easier.

User manual will be released soon. We will update it to include game specific settings as well.


i didnt have a good feeling using the wheel the first few days too… it does all come to getting it set up right. from using YouTube and other forums an friends in the know i do have a comfortable setup now. (also make sure High torque mode is Enabled :p,( that was half my problem as to why it didn’t feel right)

Overall Strength 100% (then adjust in iRacing) don’t no what sim your running)

simucube force rec filter 4
Bandwidth limit unlimted

damping 25%
fricition 10%
inertia 50%
static force off
slew rate off
unltra low latecy mode 3%

Center Freq Hz 8
Attenuation dB -13.5
Q factor 2.1

Bumpstop Max strength 85%
Bumpsrtop Angle 10

centeing strength 1%

if you wanted to try that see what you think?

Is it Sport or PRO version? What setting u have in iR?

Im using the Pro

Max force 60nm roughly 40% (the closer to 25nm the stronger the force)
motor strength 25nm

Dampening 5% (hadnt notice this before but cant feel a difference)

Linear force mode on

I’m at 50nm in iR. Will try your TD setting later today. Why u use dampening in iR settings?

It was part of my F1s steering wheel setup settings but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

I am looking for a setup for the Assetto Corsa and the Sport wheel. There is nearly no feedback with my settings.

Hi Jens,

I’m closing this topic soon and setting up a Simucube 2 Assetto Corsa topic. Lets continue there.

That would be very helpful.

Maybe a good idea to have separate threads for each of the games so that we can work together to find the best settings.

Perfect. Thank you for the help!