Profile Settings as Textfile

Are they already by any chance and i just don’t see them?

Reason i ask is for making changes to all profiles at the same time instead of makígn a million clicks in the UI. It’s what made MMoS setting very comfortable, especially for games that dont change wheel rotation automatically, which means i actually have profiles for all sorts of DoR’s from 270° to 1080°. I know i can export them to an .ini and then import them, but it seems it doubles the profiles.

Profiles are stored inside the device. No direct editing possible.

Not possible meaning you wont make it possible?

He is, I think ,talking about having an apply to all profiles button, Which should be possible, maybe, just more work for you Mika :-). then of course when it is saved to the SimuCUBE all the profiles will be updated in memory.

I guess it would be beneficial if you wanted to make a general change to everything such as the Reconstruction filter or a slight overall damping change.

That would be of course a more elegant solution and also less work for the user. I’d need to do it through notepad or maybe via a script of sorts.

It just seemed easier to me reading a textfile on startup.

well, its a textfile that device reads on startup, and it is stored on the device. The configuration tool reads the setting from the device on the configuration tool on startup.

Also, most of the filters such as damping and friction are dependendent on the overall torque scaling, so it should be pretty hard to try to make absolute changes to every profile with varying overall strength.

I think this is one of those use cases that would compilicate the Configuration Tool too much, with less than 5% people using that feature. So, I would say not worth the effort right now.