Procedure for s/w installation for second-hand SC1 (Latest f/w already installed)


My friend has just purchased a second-hand SimTec Racing OSW. (SC1) It will come with the latest 1.0.30 firmware already installed however I just wanted to be sure of the Simucube s/w installation procedure.

  1. Download and unzip 1.0.30
  2. Connect and power up the OSW
  3. Run Configuration Tool. (OSW should be seen)

Is that the right sequence or would he need to run the Config Tool first and then power up the OSW?

I also take it that he won’t need to run ‘Click Here for Updates’ in the Advanced tab again as the latest firmware / software has already been installed?



No matter whether to have the Configuration tool running first or not.

The .30 is the latest released version at the moment. Next release will be as soon as next week if the bumpstop bug in Simucube 2 is also in Simucube 1.

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