Problems with Granity and Argon on Windows 10

Hi Group,
I have recently purchased 3 Argon drives to run a CNC milling machine. I also plan on buying 5 more, one for this machine and 4 more for another milling machine once these are proven to work.
I am going to be using the drives in position mode controlled by Step and direction.

My hardware configuration:
-Argon drives
-Custom Motors AC
-Firmware, the latest from the website as of today, 2.???

-Bench testing drives since it is taking a lot more back and forth to get things working.

My problems are;

  1. One of the drives has a permanent low voltage on the DC side.
    I have checked the relay and it clicks, the fuse is fine and R7 checks out as well.

  2. Granity is glitchy and unstable on 2 different windows 10 computer. When going from one tab to another, it can sometimes take 10 seconds for the program to respond. I do have it running as administrator.

  3. Test motion sometimes works and sometimes does nothing.
    Also, during test motion, if the drive faults out, the test keeps going. Should it stop when the drive faults out???

Is there a preferred operating system for Granity? I have several windows 10 computers but if need be I can dig out a Linux box.


Hi all,
Here is todays update.
I went digging around in the Pile-O-PCs and found a Windows 7 PC. Granity works Much Much better!!! Not sure if it was windows 10 or both of my PCs but this Windows 7 PC is working much better.
Drives one and 2 are working on the bench although I will have to refine the tuning.
Time to see if the one that had the persistent low voltage now works on the bench. Updates to follow.

Hi again,
On the bench all three drives are working!!!
Let’s hope it still works when I put it back into the machine.

More updates to follow.