Problems to touring on simucube

Hi guys.
Since 2 days, every day that i turn on my simucube 2 pro somethings wrong happens.
First, the wheel turn aroun alone for 1 second and stop it.
Second, i recive this mensage of error.
I press e-stopand solve the problem.

Any suggestions?

Did you already do all the basics?
Check and replug all the cables.
Try a different USB port.
Try a different USB cable.
That seems to solve most of the problems posted here.

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A video about “turning on its own” would be very helpful.

I had this problem last night, SC 2 Ultimate.

I turned off the device and the computer
I plugged into a different usb port
the problem has passed

Today, I unplugged and plug all the connexions of SC2 and the error disappear.
Who knows…

If I have the same problem, first at all, I will make a video.

I have a cuestión. What is fault 0?
where is suppose it’s the problem

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It will give an overvoltage fault if you turn the wheel when the device is starting up.

However, wheel should not turn on its own, and neither should it wait for longer than a second or two in the “waiting for the drive to get ready” state. So, need more information to work out if there is any issue or not.

This video was made today.
You can see the moving of the wheel by itself, but without the error message.

Looks like it is phasing like an SC1 to me.

Yeah, that is the phase search routine.

What is the serial number of the unit?

00000620 is the serial number

At least that unit was activated to have the absolute indexing (without phasing) in our factory tester.

Have we serviced that unit remotely?

I have no idea what problem is that my SCa2 Is in phase…

No, it have no service remotely before

It does not hurt anything that it does it.
Just interesting that it does😀

We are wondering what has happened. There is a hidden service menu where one can recalibrate the encoder and activate the absolute indexing mode.

Good news!
I was started to feel a little nervous for this situation

Don’t worry,
it’s nothing to worry about.

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The problem was solved!!!
Thanks Mika and the people of this community for the support.



yes. :).
support is good. 1 unit over 5.000.000 have real hardware defect or problem. is always software.