Problem with random control with truedrive 2021.11+ hotfix release

Installed driver using setup program. (2011.11+hotfix)
Flashed new firmware.

Problem #1:
Driver did not preserve my username and password from the prior driver install.
I did not have my password handy so I grabbed an online profile for AMS2, I believe the top left one from xinphire.
I used the quick try option, then put the base in Offline mode so I could edit the profile.
Played a bit of AMS
Immediately noticed a bunch of noise from my SC2 Pro when turning.

Here is where the serious issue started to occur:
I alt tabbed out of AMS 2 over to truedrive and edited the settings - Turned slew to lowest setting (0.1) to see if the noise would disappear. Hit ok.

Drove a bit - noticed the wheel vibrates wildly when the car is stopped - this seemed like a config problem - the profile I downloaded had static friction set to 0

Alt tabbed to TrueDrive.
Set the static friction up a bit - Maybe 2-5
Also set Slew to 1.0 - this was exact, I remember the number.

Back in AMS 2
Steering wheel didn’t steer the car, but oddly it was reacting to force feedback.

Paddle shifters on Ascher F28v2 still shifted
Car was moving VERY SLOWLY and then the wheel VIOLENTLY STARTED MOVING (the kind of movement you might get in a sim when the car hits the wall at 150mph, except my car in the middle of the track going 20MPH

At that point I hit the Estop, turned off the unit.

Maybe downgrade to an earlier version and try similar procedure if you can replicate it.

I don’t race AMS2. In AC with CM you can lower FFB when car is below a certain speed. Could be available in AMS2 aswell

Just wanted to update, I spent more time in this on Sunday - switching back and forth between AMS and truedrive and did not experience the lack of steering/unwanted force feedback issue again.

One thing that was different was that Sunday I logged back into my profile with Truedrive, and then used my own profiles from that point forward.

Noise from the base continues to be an issue, but I’ve got a ticket open with support for that.

Hi i have experienced the same in AMS2 and today when I have played AC. I have finished the race and changed the car. The wheel violently spin and I had to press estop. When I have released the estop the wheel was spinning left and right very fast. Not sure if this is realted to TD or something else??whit kind of noice you referring to?