Problem with Premium Torque Button


Please test your system so, that remove all cables, let the capacitors drain for 10 minutes, then connect only the PSU to the simucube and wall outlet. No e-stop or USB.

Does your system still turn on? If so, to what state it gets to?

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With only the PSU connected, no USB, no e-stop, the unit doesn’t turn on, independently of the state of the rear button (ON or OFF doesn’t make a difference).

On top of the PSU at least the USB connection is required to turn the unit on. Not sure about the e-stop, might be required as well.

Yes, USB has to be connected as well.

Understood. I was just following the instructions from Esa above and reporting as requested.
With USB connected (no premium e-stop) the unit does turn ON independently of the state of rear switch. There is no way to turn off the unit, similar to what I reported on June 28.

We are investigating the issue you reported. It might be a problem/issue in the button itself.