Problem with ionicube

My hardware configuration:
-(Ionicube , 48v DC HV Power, 16v Logic)
-(DC Brush Motor)
-(firmware 1.58)

i can’t get the drive to work anymore, it don’t get “initialized”.
granity shows that everyting is ok, i can clear the faults and force enable
, but the status register “initialized” shows “!” and so the drive dont work.
the green led blinking code is SL

what do i make wrong?

i have found the problem, i have rised the fov from 49v to 50v, and now it works again.
but i don’t know why there wars no overvoltage error.

Hi Michael

The FUV and FOV functionality has been slightly changed in IONI firmware version 1.5.4 so, that IONI will not initialize if the HV bus voltage doesn’t stabilize within 2% safety headroom.

You can read more information about this here:

Best regards,